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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. At any time you can upgrade your service plan with no additional charges.  Our local staff will work with you to ensure the plan you are on meets your Internet needs.

Yes. There is a 24 month commitment for service. After you have met the terms of the contract your service is provided on a month-to-month basis with no contractual time limits. If you wish to cancel service within your first year due to service issues, so long as you have given our techs a chance to correct any issues; re-align your antenna, adjust frequencies, point you to another broadcaster, we will not hold you to the $199 Early Termination Fee (ETF). However, if service has been good, fast, and consistent and you wish to cancel anyway, the ETF will be assessed. In cases of moving outside our coverage area, the ETF will be waived.

Unlike satellite Internet and other broadband solutions, our signal quality is immune to dense storm clouds. Cable television and broadband can also be affected by soaking rains / snow, thus reducing your quality of service until the street level equipment can be repaired or dried out. Look at this antenna covered with ice and still functioning properly.

Yes, a high-performance Yagi antenna or dish antenna is required for virtually all installations. In some cases, a small, square antenna that measures 9x9x2 in size may be used. We go to great lengths to ensure each installation is discrete, using professional installers and top quality materials.

No. Doing so would violate your Subscriber Agreement.

Yes. Our service is VPN friendly. A static IP is available for an additional $10 per month.

VABB is a Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), meaning we deliver the Internet to your location through a variety of radio frequencies. We deliver the Internet to you from one of our 100+ "broadcast" locations within a few miles of your location. We use commercial towers, silos, barns, private utility poles, and houses that sit high on hills. If your location can see one of our broadcast sites with no trees obstructing the view, you are considered "Line-Of-Sight" (LOS) and have an excellent chance of receiving Internet speeds in the 15 to 30 Mbps range... or more. Locations near our broadcast site that have trees in the way are considered "Non-Line-Of-Sight" (NLOS). So long as the trees are not too thick and the distance to our broadcaster is within a few miles, we can still reach you with speeds in the 5 to 15 Mbps range or more, depending on the environment. For more details, call us at 540-829-1700.


  • After you have placed an order with us, we will schedule an installer to come to your home or business.
  • When the installer arrives he will conduct a site survey to ensure that our service is available.
  • Next, the installer will confirm where and how the antenna shall be mounted for optimum performance.
  • A cable will be run from the outside antenna to the VABB Subscriber Unit located inside your home or business. This Subscriber Unit within your home is the end of VABB's network - meaning, you will need to plug a customer owned PC or router to this device in order to get online.


  1. Note: The standard installation does not include any in-wall cabling or trenching. You will need to contract that work out. Nonstandard installations involving complex mounting of our antenna, extra cabling, etc. may be charged an additional fee - you will be advised prior to starting the install.
  2. What we provide:
    1. An antenna and standard mounting (J-mount, eave mount, tripod mount, EMT pipe planted in the yard). Any special mounting required beyond our standard mounts may be accessed an additional charge.
    2. Up to 100ft of cable from the antenna to a small subscriber unit installed inside. Additional cable length may be accessed a charge of $.50/ft.
    3. Wireless routers can be purchased from VABB - check for current rates.


  • From our inside Subscriber Unit, you can then connect your PC, a router, or wireless router.



Yes. Multiple computers may utilize the same Internet connection at the subscriber location. A router (usually wireless) connected to the subscriber unit will be required for multiple connections. VABB provides wireless routers for an additional charge.

Not necessarily. We operate primarily using both Line-of-sight(LOS) and non-line-of-sight(nLOS) radio frequency technology. Our signal will penetrate sparse tree cover but rapidly degrades through miles of thick tree canopy. We will not install our services at your location if trees will impede your signal come summer time.

Your VABB connection is very secure. We've built-in security using carrier grade technology continuously authenticating from your location to ours.

You can either use our secure webmail link here:
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Yes. At any time you can upgrade your service plan with no additional charges. Our local staff will work with you to ensure the plan you are on meets your Internet needs.

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