High Speed Internet

As VABB continues to upgrade our entire network with faster speeds, we are also pleased to announce newer rates with higher service plans. WHY ARE OUR PLANS BASED ON USAGE? No Internet provider can guarantee speeds, so why pay for something you're not getting? At VABB, your speeds are WIDE-OPEN with the fasted speeds possible... up to 15Mbps or more depending on your location. VABB believes in charging for services based on what you use rather than basing it on speeds. This is the fairest way to ensure light users are paying less than heavy users! Why should a basic email user or web surfer using very little of the network pay as much as someone watching movies 3 times a week consuming 100 times more network resources?

  • 1GB Senior Package - Surf Occasionally, check e-mail, budget conscious.
  • 2GB - Twice the usage, but still a very light internet user.
  • 5GB - Light to Normal User, download a few songs and videos
  • 10GB - Normal to Heavy User, download many songs and videos, heavy gaming
  • 25GB - Heavy User, download many songs and videos, gaming, occasional movies
  • 50GB - Multiple computers, downloading several movies per month
  • Additional Gigabytes - Available for subscribers who need more than 50GB/mo
  • Unlimited - For those who don't want to think about usage!

Broadband for Home and Business

Broadband Internet Service 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB 25GB 50GB Add'tl Gigabytes Unlimited
Bandwidth Limits (Per Month) 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB 60-100 GB Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 2 5 10
E-mail storage capacity = 100MB, Send/receive limit per e-mail = 50MB
Monthly $19.99 $34.99 $49.99 $64.99 $79.99 $114.99 $114.99 + $22.50/10 GB $299.99
Installation Charge $149
for Standard Install
Optional Services  
Static IP $5

Usage over your selected plan will be charged at $.02 per Megabyte.

More questions? Please contact us at: 540-829-1700 Culpeper area or 804-436-9428 NNeck Peninsula